Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

As members of SAIF, we are able to provide Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans. Funeral Plans are a way of securing Funeral Directors costs in what can be, an ever increasing market. A Pre-Paid Plan can save your family worry and expense, and help make things easier at a very difficult time. Plans are tailored to individual requirements and can be very specific. There are different types of plans available, some may be more suitable than others so we would urge you to discuss this option with us, so that we can find the right plan for you.

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Guidance & Friendly Advice

We will take care of the deceased; arrange the funeral service, whether large or small, but probably more importantly, help, guide and advise you, the bereaved.

We are a true independent family Funeral Service with over 80 years experience between us serving the local community and beyond.